Dirty Chai Lattes and the Creep Factor of the Internet


Yes, this is a true story. I am not making this up. I repeat I did not make this up! Today, I was studying in a Houston coffee shop whilst reading Buzzfeed to further procrastinate my studies when I came upon an article from Buzzfeed about a local man who happened to drop 125 pounds […]



Yes, POTUS himself now has a twitter that isn’t run by his staff….I think. Six years in he’s finally fully on “IDGAFudge” mode. Here’s to hoping he has some funny tweets. Welcome to the interwebs Mr. President! Now, let’s see if I can get into this Twitter thang since I never use mine after like […]

Coffee Chronicles: Have coffee, will study


I have been wanting to write this for such a long time. In order to get acclimated to the sunny city of San Diego I have been finding coffee shops and cafes where I can set up camp and knock out a couple hours of studies. I have been very fortunate to be able to […]

Mipsters, Blipsters, Hipsters


Ahhhh shooooooot. Here’s another one! We have hipsters. We have blipsters (black hipsters). Now, we have mipsters (Muslim hipsters)! I was procrastinating last night on studying and stumbled across this video from Mipsterz: It was featured on this Buzzfeed Article and this Huffington Post Article . It has been received with mix reviews… Now, I […]

White Girls by Oh Lordy: A Parody to “Royals” by Lorde


First, check out this parody below I thought it was hilarious and ironic considering what these ladies are talking about are kind of what Lorde is speaking against/about in a way, but it is funny nonetheless and makes fun of what a ton of people in my newsfeed gush about and do. What’s even funnier […]

Your ___ does stink. So fix it!


So there is this ad.   Yes, this is a real product and apparently it has rave reviews just like it says: I want to be the wonderful lady that I am and say that I will never purchase this product because I don’t defecate, I glitter BUT….It is too tempting. Plus, the advertisement is […]

Friday Night Eats


Oh my gosh I am so excited! Today has been a chill day studying, doing some yoga and all of sudden I had a craving to cook. So, I promptly grabbed my bags and headed to Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s, and Whole Foods in that order! I live right by all three so why not take […]